Profile of I Wayan Sadra, S.Pd

                               I Wayan Sadra

         I Wayan Sadra, S.Pd was a painting teacher at one Junior High School in Bali, exactly in Junior High School N 1 Blahbatuh. He taught painting at the start of the year there 1986 until now. He has a wife and two children. Besides teaching and painting in school, he also makes a wide range of paintings in his house. At first he earned painting on canvas. Because many competitors, he switched to the media that he used others. Media next is the egg. He began to making paintings of the year 1997 with his family, then he marketed his work to the art shops in the area of tourism such as Ubud, Kuta, Nusa Dua and other tourist attractions. Eventually the egg paintings made by I Wayan Sadra increasingly known to the public so that at the feast of Christmas and Easter, he’s getting lots of orders to create different kinds of painting eggs. Because a lot of getting orders, I Wayan Sadra invites children in their villages to take part learn to make egg painting.

           In the year 2000 I Wayan Sadra have opened a shop to sell the painting eggs and handicraft goods other Balinese. He opened his store near his home that is Jl. Raya Negara, majoring to Ubud. Here is a store owned by I Wayan Sadra:

                              Bali Egg Painting Logo

                                  Logo of  I Wayan Sadra's Egg Painting  

                               Bali Egg Painting Shop           

           From year to year, more and more children who learn to paint in the shop owned by I Wayan Sadra. Until now there 20 people who studied painting there from elementary school children, junior high school and even some are already in college. Some of them can make a variety of new and unique designs.

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