We are a family as a painter and craftsman goods typical Balinese art. We are from Bali, in Br. Gerih exactly, Batuan Village, sub-district of Sukawati, Gianyar regency. We made many kinds of crafts, such as : Balinese egg painting, egg carving, photo painting, shell painting, shell carving , etc. Besides making Balinese Painting and many crafts, we are also can assist to teach how to paint on the canvas or on the egg. Here you will be assist by I Wayan Sadra, S.Pd and the others professional painters.

Egg Painting
Tulip Flowers Bali Egg Paintings Bali Egg Painting Birds
Duck Egg Painting Goose Egg Painting Cassowarry Egg Painting Ostrich Egg Painting
      We were using many kinds of eggs to be painted. We are using chicken egg, Bebek Bali egg, goose egg, cassowary egg and ostrich egg. Duck egg painting size used is approximately 4.5 cm until 5 cm. Goose egg painting using Javanese goose and swan eggs. Goose eggs are supplied from Java due to its difficult to find it in Bali. It size is approximately 10 cm. Cassowary egg painting is using Irian Jaya cassowary egg it size is bigger than goose egg, approximately 14 cm to 21 cm. Ostrich egg painting is using ostrich egg which directly supplied from Africa and Australia. Ostrich egg is the biggest egg from the others kind of eggs. It is approximately 19 cm to 22.5 cm.In addition we also accept orders to paint the Emu bird eggs and Alligator eggs.
      For the displays and boxes to carry the egg painting, we have some motive as below:
1 (Black)
2 (White)
3 (Black)
4 (White)
Box for original egg
5 (Black)
6 (Brown)
7 (Black)
Box for wooden egg

Bali Egg Carving
Egg Carving
Bali Egg Carving
Bali Egg Carvings
      In addition to painted eggs can also be carved. Kind of eggs that can be carved is goose egg, egg cassowary and ostrich eggs. Carved egg making process is quite long because the level of difficulty is very high. To complete a required period of one egg carving will take 1 to 2 months because of the tools used are still traditional in nature such as a chisel.

Shell Painting & Shell Carving
Bali Shell Painting Shell Painting
Price : US$ 69.5
Size : Large
Balinese Motif
Price : US$ 58.4
Size : Medium
Shell Paintings Shell Carving
Flowers and Butterflys
Price : US$ 68.5
Size : Large
Shell Carving
Price : US$ 292
Size : Large
      To reproduce a collection of art handicraft items in our store, in addition to painting eggs we trying to paint in other media such as shellfish (kerang). We started to paint shells at the beginning of 2008 until now. To obtain materials we usually ordered from Java and Kalimantan. This scallop size is 3, i.e. small, medium and large. A small shell length 13 cm and height 10 cm. Shells are medium length 16.5 cm and 14 cm height. Large shell length 20 - 23 cm and height 17 cm. We usually determine the price of shellfish in accordance with the design painting and scallop size.
      Other than painted, shellfish can also be carved. As well as egg carving, a carved shell also requires patience and thoroughness. Used the same tool with a tool used to carved eggs. Carved scallop prices ranging from US$ 234 until US$ 292, the design and size depending on shellfish.

Photo Painting
Photo Painting
Bali Photo Painting
Bali Photo Paintings
      Photo painting is a painting of someone's face in certain media. Here we usually use 3 kinds of media i.e. paper, egg and canvas. Only particular painter who can paint someone's face because it requires special skills and accuracy and appropriateness of color. Photo paintings in egg are more difficult than on paper and on canvas. So that the manufacturing process longer. This photo painting prices vary depending on the medium used, size and number of people who painted.

Egg Painting Lesson
Egg Painting Lessons
      For those of you who want to learn to paint eggs or canvas, we will teach you to start of the process of sketching, coloring and until finished. Motives that we teach from the simple such as: flowers, butterflies, scenery and others. Read more...

      We hope that you are surfing to our website and you can find a lot of information and your favorite stuff. We are very pleased to be working with you and we hope to be able to continue business with you to promote creativity in the arts in Bali.